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I don't mean to categorise people, but for the purpose of this musing, I ask you to bear with me as I examine and grapple with what I am about. And before I begin, let me preface by saying that I truly mean no disrespect to anyone when I write this. Instead, I will be overviewing "themes" that I have encountered, witnessed and experienced within the spiritual community. In doing so, I am discovering my place and my philosophy within this space.

The Ritual's intention, if you don't already know, is to invite slower living. Earth-based Spirituality is a phrase that comes from my Gardnerian Witchcraft lineage. What I have come to notice is that when you say the words "Earth-based Spirituality" without understanding what they mean, your mind might start to imagine any number of ideas that the connotation of these words naturally conjures up. And so within this vein, allow me to outline three or four main categories of people I have found within Spirituality:

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