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This week I was in the process of yet another alteration in my business and in my life. As many of you may have seen, throughout the 4 years that The Ritual has been active, it has gone through many iterations, revisions, upgrades, and transformations. Whether it was the colour scheme of the brand, the images and photography used, the people I worked with, the offerings I put forward, or the knowledge I’ve shared. This metamorphosis has been reflective of my own changes in life, in mindset, in perspective, and it has been a result of where my journey and my healing and my resolution has guided me. There were times where I lost my way and that is normal. I am human and there have been pitfalls, roadblocks, setbacks that have all been lessons on this journey of being self-employed and a mother.

While brands and businesses do require direction and clarity to launch and move forward profitably, they also evolve with their offerings, whether it’s obvious or not. Some people may disagree and tell you otherwise but your core, your essence, who you are is always known to you, we just have to have the courage to acknowledge it. One thing that I have noticed in my life is how losing my way often happened when I forgot myself.

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