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Ritual Series VI: Bath Tea

The Art of Ritual is the teaching that is at the core of my offerings. It is my intention that we all return to the Sacredness within as a way to know and honour the incredible vastness we hold. The Art of Ritual is the practice that supports us in cultivating that connection with ourselves.

Ritual takes the various aspects of our Self and our lives and transmutes them into something sacred. It is the physical act of Alchemy and transformation. The Art of Ritual thus contains the adaptability and the strength to hold and contain that which we may not be able to sustain with thought alone. It is a practice in grounding, of returning to the Earth, our current home and the place we have chosen to manifest our dreams into reality.

I have come to learn that performing rituals and creating space helps to bring inner balance. Ritual opens our hearts to new possibilities and allows us to bring clarity to the present moment so that we might actualize our desires and create magick.

To me, ritual is self-care with intention and it seeks sensuality in order to be sustained. In this way, ritual invokes the senses and creates powerful feelings of mirth, pleasure, love, sacredness, peace, radiance, reverence and respect within. So instead of routine to bring about change, I have chosen and continue to choose to use ritual, indulging in moments that allow me to return to Self, to my desires, to my Heart, to my truth.

Healing by The Moon

Bathing, to me, is a beautiful form of Ritual – and this has surely become obvious from previous Ritual Series. Water is cleansing, purifying, renewing.

“... water [is] soft enough / to offer life / tough enough / to drown it away” -Rupi Kaur

Water will hold us up when we cannot; she will move us when we need to shift gracefully; she will devastate when we need to change course… The messages one can receive through water are endless and beautiful. And Moon and Water are a magical pairing influencing one another in their cosmic dance.

Moon Worship is feminine worship. The moon constantly changes, gently teaching us that change is not something to fear but rather to embrace. As she grows, she invites in new energy and opportunities. As she wanes and moves into darkness, she releases her shadows. Connecting with your inner moon goddess allows for deep transformation and creation through the moon cycle.

Bath Tea was created to support you over a full lunar cycle. Blended by hand under the energies of the New Moon, a time we are gifted each month to start anew, this bath tea is made from organic, therapeutic grade ingredients that will support the ebbs and flows of life.

Each herb has been carefully selected for its medicinal properties:

Peppermint clears the mind and airways to help boost one’s natural energy

Passionflower aids sleep and helps to reduce stress and anxiety

Chamomile supports deep relaxation and calms the nervous system

Mugwort brings us into a deeply restive state to support dreaming

Dimiana works like an ancient aphrodisiac dating back to Mayan and Aztec times

Rose softens the spirit, raising your vibration while blanketing you with boundaries of protection and love

The Miron Glass Apothecary Jar with all the herbs for infusion Comes with a reusable muslin tea bag to place in the bath for ease of clean up.

Together the plants create their own botanical infusion for ritual bathing to relax, unwind and balance the mind and body. Bath Tea was created to ease stress and remind you of the beauty of life. Because life is so much more than work, than school runs, than deadlines and daily commitments… Life is an experience of pleasure and emotion and we should open ourselves to all it from a place of beauty and self-trust. Allow Bath Tea to be that moment that you reconnect with Self to receive this expansive life we have chosen to be a part of.

*Please note this item is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Ritual Suggestion

This Bath Tea recipe was created during one of my in-person New Moon Rituals. Each woman would take a pinch of each individual herb and as she sprinkled it into the mother bowl, she would whisper words and intentions of love, strength, and healing:

I am worthy; I am valued; I am respected; I am love.

At the end of each gathering I would portion it out to each woman to take home and use in various ways on the following Full Moon, whether in bathing, drinking, and facial steaming. Since each woman would use these herbs in her own way, this Bath Tea would connect us back to the intentions cast as they bloom with the Moon.

As this Tea was created with the intention of using throughout the Moon cycle, the herbs help to release stress, instil clarity, and cultivate a deep connection to one’s intuition and creative Self as our emotions and lives shift and change within one 28-day cycle.

My practice is rooted in Earth-based spirituality and so all my products are of the Earth, sustainably sourced or cultivated by me and each element is tenderly combined while nurturing their finest organic qualities that surpass any clean beauty standard.

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