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Ritual Series V: Beeswax Votive Candles

We are connected to everything. We are made of the same elements as that which we find in nature, the animal kingdom, the stars and the cosmos… everything is interconnected. Understanding our interconnectedness allows us to work in unison with everything around us; we are in flow with the divine Earth and her cyclical nature and in turn we embody our own divinity.

As women, we enhance the power of manifestation by understanding our unique soul blueprint and learning how to use our elemental balance to our advantage. Although every woman has her unique combination of the four elements - Air, Fire, Water, and Earth - we must learn to work with all of them, to harness their unique gifts and enhance our lives with their magick. Learning to listen and play with each of these as the seasons turn, as the Earth shifts, invites us to live a life that is truly synchronistic, co-creating with the natural magick that also courses within our veins.

My practice honours the Earth through Earth-based Spirituality. Earth-based Spirituality connects us to the elements and reminds us to honour all forms of life. As a result, we recognize and respect the cyclicality in the natural world and within ourselves. This recognition of the natural world within us ensures that we take only what we need from nature to live a happy, healthy, symbiotic life. Understanding our interconnectedness allows us to work in unison with everything around us; we are in flow with the divine Earth and her cyclical nature and in turn we embody our own Divinity.

Rituals that have reverence for the Earth gives us, and the elements that touch our lives, a sense of meaning and connection and allows us to feel in control of our own lives.

Alchemical Fire, Connecting to the Elements

Whenever in Ritual or Ceremony, my preference and suggestion to people is to burn Beeswax Candles. Beeswax candles are of the Earth and burn clean. Not to mention, they emit a sweet, honey scent that perfumes the space beautifully.

The candles I sell on the site are hand-poured in Byron Bay with organic beeswax that is some of the cleanest beeswax in the world. Their candles are made using only harvested rainwater to filter the beeswax rather than chlorinated water. This detail ensures that none of the critical properties of the Beeswax is removed in production. What’s more, the entire process of making these beeswax candles is done using solar power with absolutely no wastage.

These votives come with a purpose built base that will stick to any dry surface and is the only votive candle in Australia that does not require a holder. If hidden from a draft, unlike any other votive, they will burn without a drip and perfectly to the bottom, every time with their innovative wick design. These are our favourite candles to use in ritual and ceremony, the perfect size to travel.


Packed still warm from production smelling of sweet organic beeswax. We love noticing the subtle colour variations in the beeswax season to season, showcasing the seasonal fauna the bees have foraged. It does not get more pure than that! The smell is like pure honey infusing your space and just further adds to the ritualistic experience.

Ritual Suggestion

What is the importance of a flame within rituals and sacred space? The flame represents not only the element of fire but the element of air – together the fire and the air allow transformation to take place, they are alchemy.

Up until now, all of my Ritual Suggestions have been dedicated to beautiful bathing sessions and intentional acts of affirmation. But a Ritual does not have to be elaborate. Sometimes we just need a physical act indicating that we are taking a moment to ourselves or that we are beginning.

One of the simplest acts of Ritual is lighting a candle. In Reclaiming Sacred, the very first Ritual I taught my Coven was to light a candle while stating their name to call themselves fully present:

My name is Brooke and I call myself fully present.

Fire represents the Soul; it is an instant process that brings us into the present moment and to be embodied in the here and now. Before any intentional practice, I will light a candle and call myself fully present. This includes in Ritual Ceremony but also when I sit down to write or create offerings or prepare for Intuitive Sessions. Lighting a candle creates a clear boundary for myself, with myself and allows me to set the intention of what I wish to accomplish within that moment. The symbolism of lighting a candle or engaging with the elements anchors me down to Earth while connecting me to the subtle realm, opening the channel for a symbiotic relationship in which my intentions become clear and creativity flows. In this moment allow the act of lighting a flame to ignite our Soul and to remind us to keep our light burning.

My practice honours Earth-based spirituality and so all my products are of the Earth, sustainably sourced or cultivated by me and each element is tenderly combined while nurturing their finest organic qualities that surpass any clean beauty standard.

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