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Vol. 12

I am sitting here on Wednesday, January 18, fittingly writing to you on the Day of Mercury, the day that rules communication. I have just got off from a meeting that left me feeling emotional. I can't quite put a name to how I am feeling at the moment. I wouldn't say overwhelmed because that word feels like an understatement to everything else going on. And I am not feeling emotional as a result of the meeting; it went well, but it really was a reality check. It put things into perspective or changed my perspective of things. I feel that so much amazing stuff is happening in my life and my business, but I also feel like things are changing dramatically.

It's unclear why or how there were some things I was so certain to have wanted but now don't fit. I am re-evaluating in a way, and the decisions are not being made for me - this decision comes from me. But it remains inexplicable and sad nonetheless. So sure about one thing and almost feeling like I am letting go of it the next.

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