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For a long time, I wanted to address meditation and this feels like a good time since I am now beginning to prepare and share with you various practices that I classify as meditations. In the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of people advocating for meditation and mindfulness practices. These tools that they are sharing are great and I, myself, am a huge advocate of meditation and use it everyday to keep me centred and grounded in some way, shape or form.

As a meditation teacher, trainer, and practitioner, I've observed how the wellness industry frequently misinterprets the fundamental nature of meditation. Our society's capitalistic mentality fixates on success and tangible results, leading us to quantify our progress through various metrics. We become preoccupied with counting the number of days we meditate and showcasing our achievements, creating unnecessary pressure. Missing even a single day can evoke feelings of guilt and stress, which goes against the essence of meditation—a practice meant to alleviate such burdens. Meditation should be a liberating experience, freeing us from the constraints of performance and comparison. Instead of seeking perfection or validation, it should be embraced as a personal journey of inner exploration and growth. By letting go of the need to constantly measure and prove ourselves, we can truly embrace the transformative power of meditation, finding peace and tranquillity within.

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