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Musing Vol.33


As the year draws to a close, I've been contemplating a mantra and meditation practice (will share with BTV in the coming days) to approach the year-end with a sense of softness and gentleness, steering away from the typical "thank goodness it's over" mindset. Instead, I aim to reflect on the past year without harbouring any hard feelings about what did or didn't happen. This time of year often triggers memories, some not so great from my childhood. However, with my own family now, I'm eager to create a broader circle to share in the holiday festivities.

This year, I'm excited to have my dearest friend Rose and her family join us for the celebrations. We plan to dress up, channel our inner Nigella, and revel in the companionship, love, and support that a beautiful friendship brings. I've found a newfound appreciation for decorating and styling my home for the holidays, and am pinteresting like a mofo, but the concept of gifting has taken on a different meaning for me lately.

I've noticed a shift in my desires, leaning towards the finer things in life. I yearn for tea in fine china, romantic cutlery, and hand-blown champagne flutes. These desires, reminiscent of what a grandmother might appreciate, connect me with the memory of my own grandmother. She cherished objects and the memories they held, but sadly, they were discarded after her passing, a painful realisation I was informed of months later. I've decided to break away from the "only for good occasions" mentality and embrace the beauty in the everyday.

"Surrounding myself with these pieces helps me soften towards myself. I see the beauty that emerges from simple daily interactions, from conversations with my daughters to the notes I write on each order that I pack and send out."

My daughters and I have made a pact to wear our best whenever we feel like it, indulging in sparkling water from those elegant champagne flutes even on a regular Tuesday morning. It's about finding beauty in tangible forms, items that I can hold, touch, and incorporate into my daily routine. I've curated a list of desires for this Christmas (that I will most likely buy for myself and get my family to wrap them), including a Breakfast cup and saucer by Spode, the Charingworth Vintage Fiddle cutlery set, Luigi Bormioli champagne flutes, and the Colin King x Cultiver Trace bed cover in Flax/Truffle.

These are not just items; they are connections to beauty in craftsmanship and quality. Surrounding myself with these pieces helps me soften towards myself. I see the beauty that emerges from simple daily interactions, from conversations with my daughters to the notes I write on each order that I pack and send out. These seemingly unnoticed details serve as a reminder to keep loving, making the most of each day, and appreciating the beauty that life itself offers. Beauty is omnipresent; we just need to choose to see it.

Beauty is omnipresent; we just need to choose to see it.

In the delicate dance between thoughts and words, I find myself weaving poetry—that has evolved into a radiant thread in the tapestry of my existence. Yet, despite its intimate presence, the sharing of this cherished creation has never felt quite comfortable to me. There's a certain enchantment in the rhythmic cadence of words, a musicality that resonates with the soul. Poetry invites us to slow down, to savour the nuances of language, and to let the whimsy of verses transport us to realms beyond the tangible. It is an art of delicate precision, where each word is a brushstroke on the canvas of emotion.

I adore poetry for its magical ability to transport us through the heart of another, weaving beauty even in the darkest corners of existence. As the holiday season approaches, I am reminded of the joy found in infusing literature into our lives, especially during these moments of intentional repose. Poetry, with its ability to paint landscapes of emotion, adds a layer of depth to the season's contemplative air. I cherish the way poetry unfurls like a melody, a gentle rhythm that aligns with the quietude of winter.

What captivates me most about poetry is its ability to weave disparate words into a seamless interwoven tapestry, creating something beautiful and profound. It's a dance of language, a symphony of expression that transcends the ordinary. As I delve into the crafting of poetry, I find solace in the precision of choosing each word, creating a composition that echoes the whispers of the heart.

Looking ahead to the upcoming workshop on listening, I anticipate a deeper exploration of the nuances within poetry—the art of listening not only to the words but to the spaces between them, where profound meanings often linger. As I reflect on my love for poetry, I'm drawn to consider the books that have left an indelible mark and those that await their place on my wish list. Each verse, a gift wrapped in language, waiting to be unwrapped and savoured.

In this season of reflection and appreciation, I embrace the poetic rhythm that permeates my world, and I eagerly anticipate the upcoming workshop as an opportunity to delve into the art of listening and the magic of language.

As the curtains fall on another chapter of the year, a profound sense of gratitude envelops me, a heartfelt acknowledgment of the growth and invaluable lessons woven into the fabric of the past months. This year, akin to a multifaceted masterpiece, has been both a statue, sculpted with the hands of joyous moments, and a tapestry interwoven with the threads of challenges—each contributing to the rich narrative of my personal journey of learning and development.

As the holiday season approaches, my focus gracefully pivots towards the art of cultivating meaningful moments with cherished loved ones. It becomes a poignant juncture, a time to weave the threads of connection tighter and craft memories destined to withstand the tests of time. In extending this invitation, I encourage you to join me in a reflective pause, a shared contemplation of the beauty that graces our lives—finding joy in both the grand and the seemingly ordinary.

Your stories and traditions, like cherished ornaments on a festive tree, hold a unique beauty that enriches the tapestry of our collective experiences. I extend an open invitation for you to share these with me, creating a space where our narratives converge, forming a mosaic of shared memories and reflections. As we embrace the seasonal shift, may it be adorned with the warmth of love, the sparkle of joy, and an abundance of beautiful moments for each of us to savour.

On a lighter note, I must confess my current infatuation with velvet bows—a whimsical adornment that graces my surroundings with elegance. The allure of gold and wine-red bows, meticulously tied, are beginning to dance around my home as if each one were a new-fangled bauble. I'm curious, do you too indulge in the festive art of decorating during the holiday season? Share your traditions and embellishments; let's revel in the shared joy of creating a festive ambiance.


In the soft embrace of everyday grace,

A tapestry of moments, a gentle trace.

Velvet bows dance, wine-red and gold,

Stories whispered, timeless tales told.

Navigating the year's end with poise,

Elegance unfolding, like silken joys.

Champagne flutes and cutlery's embrace,

Craftsmanship and beauty interlace.

Each desire a connection, a cherished thread,

In the rhythmic dance where words are bred.

A pact to wear our best on a Tuesday's morn,

Sipping life's enchantment, every joy reborn.

In the quietude, a gentle reminder rings,

Beauty's omnipresence in simple things.

A cup, a saucer, each note carefully penned,

A symphony of life, we gracefully attend.

Celebrate the mundane, the ordinary delight,

In this dance of poetry, where words take flight.

Softness, elegance, and the heart's sweet song,

Everyday beauty, in which we all belong.

So much love,

Brooke x

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