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I’ve come from picking up my girls from school and on the way over, I was driving through the sugar cane fields... Endless cane fields as far as the eye can see helping me to reflect on my current life. I haven’t been getting too much done this week, simply doing what’s necessary and allowing a lot more time to myself to just be. Something that I’ve noticed is an internal shift. It’s difficult for me to articulate into words what has shifted within me, but I feel it so strongly, as if I have gone through something, transformed in some way.

Whilst driving, I observed the large expanse of land in front of me, the old volcano, the expansive sugar cane fields surrounding me, and I felt an incredible kinship with this land in a way that I have not felt before. In truth, I’ve always felt at war with the land here. But where I was once angry with this land that was the cause of much grief, disturbance, and trauma for my family, I now feel supported, even in wanting to leave it. There is no doubt in my mind about one day soon arriving in France. In fact, my family and I can see the finish line, we can see that we are getting so much closer. The clouds have parted, the path is clear, the obstacles are fewer and where there are still a few hurdles to move toward, we are now moving through them more stealthily, healthily, successfully…

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