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The school holidays have kicked off, marking the end of another school year. Currently, I'm in the midst of the ultimate juggle—managing full-time care for my three daughters while spending evenings making and packing orders. It's safe to say my house is in a bit of a state. Despite the chaos, I'm grateful for the flexibility to work around my growing family's needs. However, the home front has been a bit wild, and even my usual self-care routines, like hair and eyebrow appointments, are feeling insufficient.

Lately, I've been yearning for a break, dreaming of two nights away whenever time and finances align. These feelings have sparked reflections on recent developments with The Ritual and the ongoing expansion of the business I built from scratch with at the time, only $200 in my bank account. I take immense pride in my achievements and current endeavours, but there's a sense that things could be more streamlined.

Managing the entire process of creating and packing orders has been possible through thoughtful design and efficient systems. As I navigate this busy season, I'm contemplating ways to enhance this efficiency and bring a bit more order to the beautiful chaos across all avenues including, Behind the Veil.

As we traverse the ever-evolving landscape of The Ritual, I find myself standing at the intersection of progress, personal goals, and the profound connection we've cultivated. Recent triumphs, such as securing additional trademarks, have ignited a deep introspection about the future of our shared space—a space that resonates not just as a brand but as a living, breathing community.

The investment of substantial time and resources in obtaining trademark classes, safeguarding the educational content and offerings within The Ritual, has prompted me to reflect on the essence of this space and how we can authentically shape its identity. Amidst this contemplation, one truth remains unwavering: my enduring passion for writing and teaching, anchored by the monumental aspiration of manifesting my first published book.

Surveying the landscape of what resonates well, aligns with business profitability, and respects the precious dimension of time, I am drawn back to the rich tapestry of offerings throughout the years. In these reflections, a poignant realisation emerges—some of the most cherished and profound moments have been those where I've had the privilege to hold space in a live setting and witness the joy of women coming together. It's in these encounters, where I hear your voices, witness your faces, and learn about your desires, that life breathes into the very cracks of my existence. These moments are the essence of joy.

Life and joy have taken centre stage in my thoughts, heightened by a recent personal experience. A few weeks ago, finding myself a few weeks late for my moon time—a rare occurrence as I typically sync with the moon's cycle exactly—stirred a cascade of emotions. The reminiscent body sensations and instant changes, led my husband and me to believe a new life was on its way, I knew that feeling too well. The anticipation, the weeks of waiting to see what would unfold without testing—all unfolded like clockwork. The subsequent arrival of my moon time a few days ago, brought a bittersweet moment, yet it opened a space for profound reflection. We hadn't planned for more children, but this fleeting moment illuminated the possibility, showcasing how desires can pivot unexpectedly, altering our wants and needs all steming from a possibility, a feeling.

As I allow my body to process this experience, I turn my gaze to The Ritual and ponder how I would nurture its teachings and way of life if it were a living entity. The realisation is clear—it wouldn't be done in the current way. A simpler, more direct approach beckons, one where I can be face-to-face with you, both virtually and in person. The desire is for the freedom to create and share when inspiration strikes, unbound by rigid schedules. I yearn to compile teachings, practices, and rituals into books—companion pieces for different phases of your lives. I aspire to be with you, not just virtually but live and in-person interactions, delving deeper into the lessons I learn and dedicating my life to the practice. The path I seek isn't conventional; I'm guided by an Aquarian Moon, urging me to tread the less-travelled.

What does this mean for us now? The path isn't entirely clear, but I'm taking the necessary time to refine aesthetics and planning while continuing to share when it feels right. I want to open a direct line of communication with you. Your thoughts and desires matter immensely. What would you like from The Ritual? What kind of experiences do you envision? Your input will play a crucial role in shaping our shared journey. For now things will continue as they do as I make adjustments and tweaks in time for the new year.

I deeply desire to create closed off experiences where we will join around the phases of the moon and the seasons and where I share specific teachings relevant to the energies of that time. This is where I shine, in holding space and leading ritual and ceremony. This is where I need to be and will bit by bit recreate ready for the new year. I am excited to evolve together, staying true to the essence of The Ritual and as The Ritual 'experiences' unfold.

I look forward to hearing from you and hearing where you are on your path and what you are yearning for, for what brought you here in the first place. I love a chat so please take the time to email me

Brooke x

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