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I wanted to follow on from my share in the previous musing about change and how that has been unfolding. For the last few weeks, I have been moving more slowly, and in doing so, I have been taking note of how my days are structured. And in between my time of deep reflection, I hopped onto Instagram stories to do a little Q&A where someone asked me what my typical morning looks like. As I am writing this to you, it is the school holidays, so it looks different than it does during the regular school term, but this is essentially what I do to get me in the right frame of mind. My days have changed over these past weeks, resulting in re-evaluating how I do things. Where once I was on autopilot, the last few weeks have prompted so much change. So, in short, I have started to do little things to help myself feel more prepared for the day. I have returned to my trusty old mantra, "I go about my day with grace".

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